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A new wave of migration

How remote work trend will affect inbound traffic in Bali
Just think about it, according to the latest poll, 1 in 4 US residents will work remotely in 2021 - 82 million people in total. If we extrapolate this knowledge to similar countries, we find that in the western world alone, which is 1/5 of the world's population, there are 382 million people who, already or in the near future, will work remotely. This does not include developed Asian countries.
1 in 4 US residents will work remotely in 2021 82 million people in total.
A new wave of migration, for the first time in history, will be caused not by wars and global cataclysms, but simply by the desire to live more nice, closer to nature with a warm climate and good ecology.

And what does Bali have to do with it?
According to many online-platforms, the most desirable destination in the world (yea, that's Bali) continues to do a lot to attract foreign guests to its territory. The central authorities finance important infrastructure projects on the island, and the local population is very friendly to foreigners.
Getting mass vaccination in place and the opening of borders, Bali is well placed to start a real estate boom. And first of all, it will not be a tourist property, but rather residential properties, which future tenants and buyers will use as a remote residence for work, life and recreation on a tropical island.
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