Indonesia will achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

According to Mr. Zaini, the head of state-owned company PLN, which is a monopoly for the production and distribution of electricity in Indonesia
Mr. Zaini, head of the PLN company said, that by 2050 the country will achieve carbon neutrality. It is only necessary to additionally build 35 thousand MWt of capacities from renewable sources, significantly reduce the emissions themselves - and the job is done.

I remember back in 2018 we considered the possibility of using solar panels for one hotel project. While the batteries themselves could still be pulled, the storage and maintenance of batteries was way too expensive. The payback appeared to be more than 30 years.
38% of Wealth Report-2020, respondents willing to pay significantly more for services if they use green technologies.
There are 3 main points here
Prices for batteries from officials in Indonesia are obscenely high;
You can save money and order directly from suppliers from China, but it is not clear who will service them here;
Electricity from PLN is relatively cheap.
As a result, we get a lack of motivation for businesses and individuals to switch to green electricity. Therefore, together with the plans for the construction of additional capacities, it would be great at the legislative level to support market participants with the desire to switch to renewable sources. For example, you can start by removing import duties on batteries and all its components.

In addition to caring for nature, all of this has a clear economic motivation. According to a survey in the latest Wealth Report for 2020, 38% of respondents said they are willing to pay significantly more for services if they use green technologies.
Alexander Sokovykh
Co-founder Asai Capital Group
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