Investments in overseas property

Low correlation with financial markets and other traditional assets which helps investors diversify their risks
Real estate is the largest asset class on earth. Savills analysts estimate its value at at $ 228 trillion
Real estate has three main features

1. It gives the investor the opportunity to receive a predictable return;
2. It has the potential to add value;
3. It is a real asset that protects the investor from inflation.

It works like this:
GDP (as well as tourist flow) is growing
The demand for real estate is growing
Rentals are rising
Therefore, it is important to enter markets where there is real economic growth in dollar terms. Overseas property is an effective way to preserve and increase capital, as well as an option to transfer it to other jurisdictions.

Investors get the opportunity to hedge political and currency risks in their country, as well as the risks of a downturn in global markets. In addition, buyers can select the market in the desired cycle with the desired risk / reward ratio.
Now let's delve deeper into our topic and figure out who is suitable for real estate investments in Bali:
  • 1
    For those who want to enter a growing market
    That is in the initial cycle of its development. A market with stable demand, growing tourist flow and bright prospects.
  • 2
    For those who feel that the securities market is overheated
    And want to at least partially diversify and protect themselves from potential risks.
  • 3
    For those who want to hedge against the risks of your home currency
  • 4
    For those who want protection from political risks in your country
    Many people look at Indonesia with distrust. But in vain:

    🔹 There have never been communism, socialism and other experiments on the redistribution of property here. From this, the property right here is unshakable.

    🔹Indonesia is the third largest democracy in the world after India and the United States. The president is indeed elected here. No party in parliament has a majority, so you have to negotiate with everyone. Each island has its own regional authorities with sane leadership.

    🔹The country aims to attract foreign investment. The authorities are doing a great job of protecting the rights of foreign investors and making it easier to do business.
  • 5
    For those who kind of like Bali and Southeast Asia in general
    I specifically put this point in last place, because although investment activity should ideally be emotionless (to achieve better results), it is difficult with real estate.
According to statistics, most often it is emotions that are the decisive factor when buying real estate. Therefore, if your soul does not lie in Indonesia and Asia in general, it can be difficult to make a decision.
Alexander Sokovykh
Co-founder Asai Capital Group
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